Case study


Developing a more flexible packaging system and improvements

The Group’s activities are the development, manufacture and sale of specialised products for research-based biotechnology supply and for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Amersham Health, provides diagnostic and predictive imaging products and services and related therapeutic products that focuses on cardiology, neurology and cancer. Amersham Biosciences, develops and provides integrated systems and solutions for disease research, drug development and manufacture.

Business Challenge

The Amersham manufacturing plant produced specialist nuclear imaging products; these then proliferated by size, number of vials per pack and language. As a consequence, production run lengths were constantly reducing, significantly impacting efficiency and output. The packing operation and packaging used were based around an inefficient single production cell with operators within this cell being responsible for product inspection, collation and checking of packaging materials, product packing and finished goods inspection. James Ross Consulting were asked to review the packing area processes, together with packaging formats used, and to define and implement improvements.