Supply chain efficiency and its relationship to packaging design is an often over-looked area of opportunity and one that is becoming increasingly significant in delivering a competitive advantage to our clients.

Connecting the NPD Process to the Supply Chain

Currently NPD processes leave pallet design to the final stages of pack development. The result is a pallet which is not optimized for the supply chain, meaning less efficiency in warehousing, less efficiency in transport, greater handling costs, more pallets than needed in the supply chain and an increased risk of damage to product. A process that does not challenge constraints in the supply chain does not enable sustainability, cost and process optimization for either the producer or the retail customer.

PackDevPro is a unique online resource

Designed and developed by James Ross Consulting to deliver a new, more efficient and collaborative way of working in this area by putting packaging decision making at the front of the NPD process, enabling transparent decision making for the end to end supply chain.