Case study

Drinks Importer

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Initially our work involved assessment of our client’s packaging relative to their market (a “best in class” analysis). This highlighted a number of inconsistencies and cost improvement opportunities. Greenshare (JRC’s environmental software tool) was then deployed to corral data from individual products, plants and vendors across disparate routes to market. This data was then supplemented with external metrics relating to packaging recycling, re-use and waste recovery within the destination market – allowing our client to assess the profile of any individual product, by market. JRC also deployed their EcoCircles system (a product sustainability comparison tool) within the Americas region to provide data for strategic decision making.

Business Challenge

Our client was looking to assess how their current use of packaging could be reviewed to provide a consistent picture across all brands / technologies and markets; enabling them to develop consistent and cohesive strategies, based on solid, empirical and defendable data and which would meet emerging requirements from their customers (public and retail).